Want To Improve Your
Paddling Performance?

We work one-on-one with individuals, conduct group sessions, and work with all ages and abilities. From 12 year old kids to senior paddlers; enthusiasts to seasoned expeditioners. We work together to define your goals and aspirations, whilst understanding your current training and performance routines. We will look at your paddling history, past performances, identify any blockages and provide further coaching to help you reach your performance goals. We look forward to meeting you.

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Our Crew

We specialise in high quality coaching for paddlers at any skill level. Our qualified coaches are committed to upholding the highest standards of coaching, leadership, and judgment in every paddling programme that we offer. The crew has lived, breathed, studied, practiced and coached paddle sports for many years. Put simply, we walk it like we talk it, and love doing it.




Dr Jan-Peter Kastelein is beside his work as a designer and environmental psychologist an active multi-discipline paddler, guide and coach. He has trained extensively within British Canoeing as an Advanced Water Endorsed UKCC L3 Open Canoe Coach. This permits Jan-Peter to lead and coach Open Canoeing in any environment. He is able to train and assess all British Canoeing star awards in Open Canoe up to and including 5 star as well as the White Water Safety & Rescue course. Jan-Peter has also been certified as a UKCC L3 Coach in Sea Kayaking and holds the coveted 5 star leader award in this discipline. Furthermore, Jan-Peter is on the prestigious British Canoeing UKCC L4 coaching diploma programme. He is a current Wilderness First Responder with Wilderness Medical Associates International.

So What Next?

We live and breathe paddlesports, which is why we have developed a series of coaching programmes. All our expertise and experience has been poured into these programmes in the aim of helping you to reach your goals.